Monaco GP

Jenson Button was quickest 3rd driver at this race, however as also taking part in the race and not finishing he scores -5 points (-30 - 25)

Here is the results for this race:

Team Owner Team Name Points
Mal Green Indy F2 Team 680
Richard Mison Italian Jobbers 630
Suzanne Pleasance Scuderia SB 530
Steve Caldwell Statue of Liberty Media 525
Jo Ashford Let's Go Jo 510
Richard Mison Trickies Slickies 480
Karyn Loo Loobug Racing 480
Sharon Taylor Zooming Zombies 470
Hilda Pleasance 2013 a great year 470
Kathy Patton Black Widow 460
Sharon Taylor Taylors Tornado's 460
Jo Ashford Jo-Jo's Go-Go's 460
Ted Bales Ted's Tearaways 460
Suzanne Pleasance Rocky Racing 440
Adam Bales Adams Autos 425
Darren Alcock Team Nevie 420
Ted Bales Walter's Wildcards 405
Paul Pleasance Girth is important F1 395
Bill Patton General's Motors 390
Louise Pleasance WAWAW whoosh 385
Mal Green Indy F1 Team 385
James Francis Wonky Wheels 380
Sally Forster Mission accomplished 380
Tom Pleasance 75 360
Richard Mison Norfolk & Good 350
Tom Pleasance Mill Close 350
Neil Pleasance VAT Racing 340
Neil Pleasance Madman F1 320
Bill Patton Honest Bill's Jalopies 305
Hilda Pleasance Castle on the hill 305
Mal Green Indy F3 Team 290
Hilda Pleasance J.N.L.T. 250
Ray Hart Breakfast in stavelot 220
Dale Judge F1DJ 215
Ray Hart Blanc Moussis 210
Will Hart Hello Kitty Racing 200
Darren Alcock Team Elo 160
Louise Pleasance Wednesday Wonders 160
Joshua Pleasance Hooley Racing 150
Tom Pleasance M.T.force B.W.U.. 150
Suzanne Pleasance Charley F1 110
Paul Pleasance Wide Boy Racing 80