Brazilian GP

Here are the results for the Brazilian GP:

Giovinazzi was fastest on Friday of the three drivers that took part for Sauber getting in some experience for next year so 25 points awarded.

Team Owner Team Name Points
Adam Bales Adam's Autos 2.0 550
Kathy Patton Black Widow 515
Suzanne Pleasance Rocky Racing 515
Jo Ashford Jo-Jo's-Go-Go's 510
Neil Pleasance VAT F1 495
Hilda Pleasance Walsham Rules 495
Tom Pleasance M.T.F.B.W.U. 490
Sharon Taylor Zooming Zombies 490
Mal Green indey 3 490
Ted Bales Bonnie's Pride 490
Dale Judge TIVF1 480
Louise Pleasance Owls Flying High 475
Mal Green Indy team 1 460
Bill Patton Honest Bill's Motors 440
Sharon Taylor Taylors Tornado's 440
Louise Pleasance Brinsworth Bang Crash Boom! 425
Suzanne Pleasance Scuderia SB 425
Ray Hart Walkerisms 410
Debbie Bales Deb's Dodgems 410
Paul Pleasance Estax Rossas F1 400
Tom Pleasance 75 395
Jo Ashford Last Minue Jo's! 390
Karyn Loo Loobug racing 380
Ed Bales Ed's Engines 380
Ray Hart Blanc Moussis 370
Darren Alcock Team Elo 370
Ted Bales Ted's Tearaways 370
Sharon Taylor Eggs in 1 basket 340
Joshua Pleasance Hooley Racing 330
Hilda Pleasance 2013 a great year 320
Bill Patton Meerkat Racing 315
Mal Green Indey 2 305
Richard Mison Norfolk n Good 295
Tom Pleasance Mill Close 290
Darren Alcock Team Nevie 280
Jo Ashford Bon-Bon's Bangers 280
Adam Bales Adam's Autos 1.0 260
Richard Mison Trickies Slickies 250
Hilda Pleasance Castle on the hill 210
James Francis Wonky Wheels 185
Neil Pleasance MadmaFF1 170
Craig Birleson Out of Work Grid Girls 165
Suzanne Pleasance Charley F1 155
Paul Pleasance Carnando Indian Bull Racing 140