This season all you need to do is select three drivers (two must be race drivers and one as a test/reserve driver, a £3 million driver only), a chassis and an engine, you must have all of these items. Your budget will be £50 million pounds, you can spend as little as you like, but you cannot exceed this budget.

Your decision will be final with no swaps, replacements or changes to any of your team. However, if a driver moves teams you will continue to score points for that driver.

The points will be awarded on the basis of the official FIA results shown in Autosport magazine on the Thursday after the race. The points shown on the race day evening will be based on the results at the time of posting the update and will be sourced from either Autosport's website, the FIA's website or F1 Racing's website, however these results will be provisional until the following Thursday's Autosport magazine.  No changes will be made to the results for official protests or disqualifications after race day that are not reflected in the magazine issued the Thursday after the race.

Your drivers will score the points shown below. 

The positive points for the chassis and engines will only be calculated for the first car of that team to finish the race. The bonus points for making up places will not be given to chassis or engines.

Chassis and engines will not have the lap behind the leader penalty, but will receive the "Not finished the race penalty of -15 points" this penalty will apply to both cars!  Remember that this year we only have 9 teams confirmed at the moment therefore it is likely that all cars will score some points at every race (if they finish).

For example, if a Ferrari wins the race but the other car did not finish the chassis and engine would score 250-15= 235 each.

Or if both Williams cars do not finish the race and you had Williams chassis and Customer Mercedes engine you would get -60 points. (2 x Chassis 15 points each and 2 x Engine 15 points each).

In 2019 I will again no longer be awarding points for pole position and fastest lap and the points awarded reflect the F1 points (points at F1 races 1st = 25, 2nd = 18, 3rd = 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1)  I have also reduced the number of points awarded for making a place over your starting position. Please remember this when selecting your drivers....

Finally, I am keeping the "joker" race, when you enter your team please let me have your joker race.  At this race, you will score double the points that you would normally score.  This does also mean that if you score a minus in your joker race, you will suffer double the minus points.  The joker race will not count towards the race £5 win, it will just be taken into account for the overall points standings.  Therefore, choose your joker race carefully, you must select one of the 21 races which are taking place this year have a look at the race calendar.

Again in 2019 I am having the third driver choice, Friday at a race weekends is still an opportunity for teams to test a third nominated driver, however they must use one of the race cars as teams are no longer allowed to bring a third car to the race. 

Points will be awarded to the highest placed driver who does not start the season as a race driver, we will have two sessions on Friday one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Therefore, in the situation when two different test/reserve drivers finish in the same position (for example 1st) in the two sessions the points will be split 12.5 each.  If however no selected test/reserve driver takes part then the points will be carried forward into the next race for a "rollover".  Also if your third driver is selected to drive for any F1 team during the season you will score race points (positive and negative) as well as your two race drivers.

Points will be awarded as follows:

25 Points for 1st Placed Test driver on Friday

250 Points for 1st Place

180 Points for 2nd place

150 Points for 3rd place

120 Points for 4th place

100 Points for 5th place

80 Points for 6th place

60 Points for 7th place

40 Points for 8th  place

20 Points for 9th place

10 Points for 10th place

10  Points for every place improved from the qualifying position.

-10 Points for every lap behind the leader if still running.

-30 Points for driver not finishing/starting the race 

(Not Classified by FIA)

-15 Points for chassis/engine not finishing the race 

(Not Classified by FIA)

If you are still interested in entering a team or teams, you will now need to go to the Drivers, Chassis and Engine pages to make your selections.

Entries now open for the 2019 season entry form here.