Welcome to the new home page for Fantasy F1 2019.

Take a look below for any updates since your last visit.

This will be the 20th year I have organised a Fantasy F1 competition using rules developed over this time. If you have any queries or would like to join the competition, please e-mail me, @ neil@pleasanceFF1.co.uk

As in previous years to enter you will need to pay an entry fee for every team entered. The total amount of entry money paid in will be paid out as prize money as follows:

£5.00 per race will go to the team with the highest score in that one race, therefore the total entry money less £105.00 (21 races x £5.00), The remaining prize money will then be split as follows:

1st Place 60% of prize fund

2nd Place 30% of prize fund

3rd Place 10% of prize fund

If you are interested in entering, please take a look at the rules and if you still wish to enter a team, take a look at the cost of the drivers, chassis and engines.

But don't forget you only have £50 million to spend.

Entries now open for the 2019 season, good luck everyone.

Keep up to date with the season on the news page.